Htet Aung Hein

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About Htet Aung Hein

A fresh graduate from the year 2023, I have made use of the time to enhance my experience in working in architecture through the use of Revit 2020 software in designing a coffee shop under my parent company, Moe Nyinn Dana. Within that year I have taught myself how to draw a 2d and 3d drawing of the structure itself and have learned the interstices of designing a waterfall under a professional such as where the water pump and water house is needed to be placed along with the pipe placement. Moreover I have worked closely at job sites with the workers, having to change the specifications of the building constantly to the desire of the owner.

Last but not least, I have also briefly apprenticed under an M&E expert in the construction of Teacher Su's school in Nay Pyi Taw, learning how the wire are to be fitted along with the scheduling of workers and material transportation at the job site.

Skills & Languages

  • English - Expert
  • Chinese (Simplified) - Beginner
  • Burmese - Beginner

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