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-Coordinating with sales staff to ensure that orders are filled on time, avoiding out of stock situations
-Ensuring that all warehouse personnel are trained on proper safety procedures
-Monitoring inventory levels, costs, and margins
-Maintaining relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure efficient operation of the supply chain
-Overseeing the operational efficiency of the warehouse by making adjustments to processes or procedures as needed
-Developing and implementing plans to improve efficiency and reduce waste in the distribution center
-Ensuring that all warehouse equipment is functioning properly and that there is adequate space available for storage
-Reviewing inventory records to identify any discrepancies between what is recorded and what is actually in stock
-Evaluating current distribution methods, practices, and procedures to determine if improvements can be made
-Identify issues or gaps, analyze and come up with creative ideas to address issues.
-Develop critical insights by analyzing datasets, connecting the dots, and to unlock opportunities for improvement so to achieve business goals.
-Design and launch large cross-functional processes and coordinate across stakeholders as needed to ensure the right resourcing, execution and communications are in place to deliver meaningful results.
-Design effective process, research for effective operational tools and be the one to execute daily operation tasks. Manages all day-to-day activities associated with the overall success and growth of assigned programs
-Plan a reasonable budget for any operation related spending and always seek for better solutions which fit the company’s best interests
-Form a continuous improvement cycle to further iterate the strategy and move closer to the business goals
-Manage and plan the logistics sector to surpass the company goals and lead on recruitment, selection and development of new employees


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    Admin Operation

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Mandalay, Mandalay, Myanmar

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Myanmar Shining Star was founded in 2017 by Mr. Biswanath started with 3 employees in Mandalay. Since then, we have been expanding rapidly, reaching over 100 employees serving over 15,000 customers handling 9 different brands and over 600+ different... Read More

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