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Precision Auto Engineering Co.,Ltd

Precision Auto Engineering Co.,Ltd

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Member Since, Aug 20, 2019
Precision Auto Engineering Company Limited,Ha(15), No: 42, Coner of Kyansitthar & 74 Street, Pyigyitagon Township, Mandalay

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§Precision Auto Engineering limited is an group company of Vipar Auto FZCO which is registered company in Dubai, Jebel Ali free zone.
§The group has a total revenue of $70 Million and net assets of over $100 million.
§Vipar Auto currently operating  in India, Dubai, China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Mongolia and Singapore.
§Vipar Auto is the sole sourcing hub for Bajaj Auto in China. The office in China was established in 2004. We now have over 15 years of experience in the motorcycle industry.
§In 2011 Vipar Auto established its office in Cambodia and launched the Pulsar Brand of motorcycles in 2012 and has sold over 3000 street motorcycles in its first year of operations. We have also sold BAJAJ RE about, 40000 units in Cambodia since the first year of operations.Vipar Auto in Mongolia was established in Mongolia in 2012 and Myanmar in 2015. We have sold 8000 units of BAJAJ RE in Myanmar since the year 2015 and in Mongolia about 2000 units since the year 2012.

In Myanmar, Precision Auto have a dealer and sub dealer network of more than 50+ and have a strong presence throughout the nation. Precision Auto is the whole sole distributor of BAJAJ in Myanmar.

Vipar Auto India provides  technical advisory  services which includes joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions. Vipar auto has provided such services from time to time to Endurance, Varroc, Kirloskar oil engines, Napino Auto, Laxmi Auto . Currently Vipar Auto  has active projects in starter motor, windshield/automotive safety glass in India , Motorcycle assembly line in Africa

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