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Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar

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K.T.Z Company Limited, and the crucial role it plays within the society of Burma/Myanmar. K.T.Z Company Limited, founded in 1994 and it is the entrepreneur distributor in pharmaceutical market in Myanmar/Burma. Due to our company’s marvelous achievements and reputation, it has become a big company in 2014 with over 360 employees in different 14 regions of the whole country. I believe that we have a forceful key to maintain our company sustainable growth with this “Providing Better Life for the People”. Moreover, our company expended to other businesses such as Car Rental Services and Electrical products distribution around in year 2013, which markets in Myanmar are wildly productive and competitive to achieve profits. At any rate, K.T.Z makes the best to shape the finest result to share our success not only with internal community but also external communities, which is build up by our Key success factors of bringing ‘office management skills, high levels of customer service’ by ‘rapid order and delivery with wild range of distribution network channels’.

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Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar

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