Translator Male/Female (2) post

“Shyang Peng Cheng (SPC) is from sports footwear manufacturing group Shyang Shin Bao in Taiwan who makes adidas, Asics, Diesel, etc, world class sports and fashion brands. There are 8 factories located in Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar with 30,000 employees. SPC, established in April 2019 in Bago Myanmar, is producing adidas sports footwear which is world #2 sports brand. Our goal is to be the most competitive footwear factory in Myanmar and we are going to have 9,000 employees in near future. With many leader above position vacancy and providing oversea training opportunities to local talents, as a fast growing company, we are in urgent need to recruit talents. Welcome to join us if you are a young people with ideal and ambition. If you want join link to the world.”


လစာ နှင့် ခံစားခွင့်:

|Attractive Salary Package * Lunch Provide Ferry Provide Uniform

Translator Male/Female (2) post

Job Description

- Can translate English to Myanmar fluently

- Age , Gender, Education not limite

- Prefer can use computer

Job Requirements

- Able to work independently

- Good communication and must be patient

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