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Posco International Corporation does various businesses with over 100 global networks around the world. Its subsidiary Posco International Corporation (Myanmar E&P) is operating Offshore Oil and Gas sector in Myanmar. Oil and Gas development is one of Posco International Corporation's key sources of growth. It has now nine (9) oil/gas development projects going on around the world, including offshore gas production in SHWE gas field situated in the coast of Rakhine State, Union of Myanmar. Posco International Corporation (Myanmar E&P) is seeking energetic, reliable and qualified individuals to fill positions for its ongoing operations of Oil & Gas Industry in Myanmar


System Engineer – 1 Post

Position Requirements 

 Male or Female 

 Age : 25 – 30 

 Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or) relevant

  MCSA (Windows Server), MCTS (MS Exchange), CCNA, VMware Certified Associate-VCA preferable

  More than 5 years working experience in IT Operations in enterprise IT environments

  Thorough understanding of networking concepts such as DNS, DHCP, Email, HTTP, SSL, OSI Model, and TCP/IP protocols and applications  Hands-on experience with hardware and software troubleshooting, configuring Windows server, VMware, storage

  Very good fundamental knowledge about SAP ERP, SQL/Oracle database

  Project Planning and hands on implementation for all IT initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities 

Windows Servers 

 Install and configure servers / configure disks and volumes / Implement server storage and data deduplication

  Configure file and share access / print and document services / servers for remote management 

 Configure IPv4 and IPv6 addressing / Deploy and configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service / DNS service

  Install domain controllers / Create and manage Active Directory users and computers / Create and manage Active Directory groups and organizational units (OUs)

  Create Group Policy objects (GPOs) / Configure security policies / application restriction policies / Windows Firewall

  Understanding client and server certificates / a public and a private key


 install, configure, and manage vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines using the appropriate VMware tools / P2V/V2V migrations / vSphere capacity planning & forecasting / virtual network/storage, connectivity planning / ESXi / VSphere Hardware upgrade, host upgrade, templates, cloning and snapshots, data store management,

MS exchange server 

  Configure and manage mailbox server, client access server, hub transport server, edge transport server,

  Understanding infrastructure for exchange, exchange prerequisites, exchanges roles, create and configure databases and address lists, 

  Create and configure mailboxes, RBAC, resource mailboxes and shared mailboxes, recipients and distribution groups, public folders

  Configure POP, IMAP, and Microsoft ActiveSync / Outlook Anywhere and RPC Client Access / federated sharing / Outlook Web App (OWA)  Create and configure transport rules / hub transport / Edge transport / message routing

  Monitor databases / mail flow / connectivity / Generate reports / Configure logging

  Create and configure the Database Availability Group (DAG) / public folders for high availability / high availability for non-mailbox servers / Perform backup and restore of data / Backup and recovery server roles

  Configure records management / compliance / message integrity / anti-virus and anti-spam


  Configure, monitor or troubleshoot high-availability features / failover functions. 

 Configure, monitor and troubleshoot NAS/SAN protocols / storage networks / cluster interconnects.

  Create, configure and expand aggregates/ volumes / disks, disk shelves or raid groups

  Configure, administer, or troubleshoot data protection

Plan and ensures successful implementation of backup, recovery & data protection – over LAN and/or SAN to targets including Tapes, Virtual Tapes Libraries and Storage Arrays. Also consider recoverability and performance.

Implement and follow best practices and policies, as well as create, develops, maintains documentation and standards to direct the system activities.

Works closely with other IT staff to support all aspects of the oil & gas environment. Cross train IT staff to reduce IT response time for system trouble and system requests. Provide end user support.

Closing Date : 08-May-2019

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