Sr Estimate Engineer

Barons Group of Companies is an entity with strong ability, advanced management structure with stable development striving for a bright future. Founded in 1997 as a small scale trading company named as Myanmar Innwahtani LPG Trading Co., Ltd, with import of LPG Gas cookers and tyres into Myanmar, a serious diversification of the new management team in 2002 transformed the company into an engineering based company with a rapid growth within 10 years of management take-over. 

The company now engaged in engineering, project management, project construction, supervision of electrical power, civil construction, material handling and process industries. The company is significantly well known in Energy & Electricity sector, Infrastructural sector, Industrial sector, Telecom & Information Technology sector for its fast & satisfactory customer service and highly regard as leader in each sector it exits.

Barons Group of Companies comprises of following companies with specialist quality of service in each sector Barons Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd, Barons Machinery & Engineering Construction Co., Ltd, Barons Tele-Link Services Co., Ltd, Barons Industrial Technology Co., Ltd, Barons Machinery & Engineering Pte. Ltd, Myanmar Innwahtani LPG Trading Co., Ltd etc.


လစာ နှင့် ခံစားခွင့်:

Ferry Salary based on Performance and Quality of Works with attractive benefit package Increment

Summary of Responsibility Scope:

Senior Estimate Engineer is responsible for preparing of bid generally in response to request for proposal from customer and bring and deliver strategic approaches to win bids . They are responsible in preparing of bid and costing preparing as regards to materials , work estimate for cost preparing ,work estimate preparing .Quantities identification and verification when responding bid invitation from customer . He/She perform strategic role in seeking to minimize the cost of a bid and enhance value for money , while still achieving the required standards and quality as per client's requirement 

Primary Job Descriptions

  • Assist Assistant Bid Manager to establish & maintain bid management systems
  • Prepare and maintain variety of departmental records, technical and commercial information and reports as well as proposals for
    competitive offering
  •  Help drive increased revenue and profit to achieve Company's ambitious growth prospectus
  • Plan and coordinate the implementation of business plans
  • Evaluate work performance and motivates subordinate staff to obtain high productivity, results and morale
  • Prepare and manage in response to request for proposals (RFPs) from customers and ensuring compliance with customer requirements by ensuring every bids & proposals have requirement tables
  • Ensure the smooth running of the bid for a project within the correct time and financial parameters, and by participating client
    clarification meeting and leading supplier clarification meeting throughout the bidding process
  • Convey client key requirements to external organization such as suppliers and internal teams such as Design team, Estimate team and
    Operation team and ensure they are met by organizing Bid preparation  meetings and keep track of meeting requirement table
  • Evaluate proposals of suppliers to ensure cost effectiveness, legality and compliance with required specifications
  • Keep Risk Table and provide Bid Analytics to the Management for review of risk and its mitigation measure before bid submission
    and through bidding time
  • Regularly Report Management with Analysis on Bids company is working on, and Bids that are lost for review and improvement purpose
  • Participate in the Bidding team to survey, draw construction schedules, project schedules and operation budgets in putting
    together a bid for a project
  • Protects organization's value by keeping information confidential

Job Specifications:

- ME, BE,(Electrical & Electronic Engineering Background)
- Age between 30 ~ 40 years
- Minimum 7 to 8 years experiences in Power Utility System with at least 3 to 4 years in Power Transmission and Distribution        

   Implementation & Maintenance

- Must have computer literate and able to communicate English Language
- Able to travel within Myanmar

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