Showroom Sales Manager

Super Seven Stars Co.,Ltd

Super Seven Stars Group was established in the year 2001.It was established as trading business firm, selling Japanese domestic electronic applicances, as well as passenger cars, commercial vehicles and automobile spare parts.

SSS motor industry was established in 2009 with automobile assembly factory. SSS motor industry is currently one of the largest companies in automotive business in Myanmar.

SSS Co.,ltd is an authorized distributor of KIA, SsangYong, King Long, Peugeot. And also there are SSS finance ,SSS auto leasing Co.,ltd.

  Yankin,  Yangon    13 November 2018
Job Reference: MJ1508470981817

•    The automotive sales managers have to manage the whole sales operation in the company and they are ones who report the sales figures to the top management

•    Directs sales staffing and training in ways that will enhance the development and control of sale programs

•    Establishes annual and monthly objectives form unit sales, gross profit, expenses and operating profit

•    Monitors salesperson productivity and performance

•    They have to come up with sales prediction for the future and then devise sales strategies to meet those set targets

•    They have to meet with the sales head of different areas on a regular basis to ensure that all the sales targets are met

•    They have to come up with a customer feedback system for the company and have to ensure that the feedback is incorporated and the product is continuously improved

•    They have to work with the marketing, advertising, manufacturing department, etc. and even have to take in their input while making

•    They have to constantly analyze the market conditions and make changes in the sales strategies accordingly

Sale Manager Skills and Qualifications:

•    Must possess a bachelor's degree with specialization in related field

•    Must have over 5 years post qualification experience in managerial capacity in sale function

•    High growth company experience

•    Must be a team player

•    High level of English is required.

လစာ ႏွင့္ ခံစားခြင့္:
Office Hour: 8:30 ~ 4:50 ( Mon to Sat ) Uniform & Ferry Provide
သင္ မိတ္ေဆြမ်ားကို ျပန္လည္ မွ်ေဝရန္