Barons Group of Companies is an entity with strong ability, advanced management structure with stable development striving for a bright future. Founded in 1997 as a small scale trading company named as Myanmar Innwahtani LPG Trading Co., Ltd, with import of LPG Gas cookers and tyres into Myanmar, a serious diversification of the new management team in 2002 transformed the company into an engineering based company with a rapid growth within 10 years of management take-over. 

The company now engaged in engineering, project management, project construction, supervision of electrical power, civil construction, material handling and process industries. The company is significantly well known in Energy & Electricity sector, Infrastructural sector, Industrial sector, Telecom & Information Technology sector for its fast & satisfactory customer service and highly regard as leader in each sector it exits.

Barons Group of Companies comprises of following companies with specialist quality of service in each sector Barons Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd, Barons Machinery & Engineering Construction Co., Ltd, Barons Tele-Link Services Co., Ltd, Barons Industrial Technology Co., Ltd, Barons Machinery & Engineering Pte. Ltd, Myanmar Innwahtani LPG Trading Co., Ltd etc.

South Dagon,  Yangon   05 November 2019
Job Reference: MJ1569301273620

  • Any graduate, Prefer related Certificate
  • Age over 25 year
  • More prefer who has engineering background knowledge
  • Minimum (5) years experiences in relevant field
    Must have efficient Communication Skills, Good Customer Relationship management and sourcing skills
  • Must be Computer literate and Fair English language Proficient

Summary of Responsibility  Scope

Safety  Supervisor of Safety Department is responsibility for development and implementation  safety policy to help reduce accident -related cost and prevent losses  due to decline in productivity . He perform OSH risk assessment , Review of Risks , and ensure  Risk  mitigation  control are in place. He regularly perform  safety inspection , issue stop work instructions when controls are not being followed , bring up OSH awareness level of vendors to ensure overall OHSAS compliance or the organization

Primary Job Description

(1)      Prepare written agendas, summaries of issues and action plan for reviews by senior department leader and others as needed.

(2)       Prepare and maintain variety of safety records for projects assigned.

(3)       Keeping records of inspection findings and producing reports that suggest improvement.

(4)        Perform High-Risk Assessment as per Risk Assessment Checklists and assign safety inspectors in High Risk Work to ensure controls
          are in place and stop work when controls are not being followed.

(5)        Assist to Assistant Safety Officer in recording of incidents and accidents and product statistics for management review.

(6)        Assist to Assistant Safety Officer in outlining safe operational procedures and conduct awareness trainings throughout the organization.

(7)        Ensure assigned projects, warehouses and offices have risk assessments and RA checklists and ways to reduce risks are planned and review
          and revise if need

(8)        Support project team in client meetings to discuss with clients on effective safety control programs specific to the project.

(9)        All injuries, accidents and near-miss as well as dangerous occurrence are immediately reported to department heads and project managers
          while all incident reports are prepared directly to the management.

(10)    Provide safety training to sub-contractor and develop the supply-chain to follow the company's safety regulation.

(11)    Conduct safety orientation course, induction course and others related in-house safety training.

(12)     To conduct safety training and knowledge sharing to safety inspector for improvement of safety culture and to be adaptable with

(13)    Regularly perform safety risk assessment as on project,warehouse and office location and formulate mitigation measure.

(14)    Develop site safety management plan (SMP) for the project to ensure a safe working environment for all employees, contractors, visitor and

(15)    Ensure to organize Safety Management Committee of all projects and regular meetings of Safety Management Committee are held for

       enhancing awareness of Hazard Identification and Control

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