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Mandalay   24 January 2020
Job Reference: MJ1579843089897

Job Specification

  • Male Only
  • Any Graduated
  • Holder Health and Safety Certificate
  • Between Age 25 to 40 years
  • 5 years ( 3 years in related field )
  • Must be computer-literate in MS Office, Internet, and Outlook
  • Must have knowledge government safety regulations and industry standards
  • Deal with government & private organization
  • Can communicate with English
  • Willingness to travel if need

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Inspect the workplace for potential hazards, identify potential hazards assess the risks and report potential hazards
  • Conduct
     drills, such as fire drills, to ensure equipment is properly
    functioning and staffs are aware of what to do in an emergency 
  • Respond to and investigate accidents and emergency
  • To keep records of daily activities, monitor worker's compensation program and maintain reference materials
  • Evaluate current equipment, products, facilities or processes and those planned for future use 
  • Any tasks assigned by Management

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