Operation Manager-Male Only (Mandalay)တွင် တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန်

Myanmar is now in steady social and economic ascend. And proud to be a key player in the heart of the nation’s rapidly developing infrastructures, is Mandalay Golden Wing Holding Limited (MGW).

Since our inception in 1991, we have amassed a strong portfolio of housing estates, condominiums, entertainment complexes, malls, hotels, resorts and factories. Over the course of 20 years, we have acquired a reputation for being a trusted purveyor of quality products and professional services. MGW is not only the exemplar of the business community, but also one of the leading companies in Myanmar. We work hard to gain consumers’ trust through quality assurance, abiding by laws and regulations, indispensable technical knowledge, sincere customer service and business ethics. MGW has always maintained awareness of the global market while staying true to our roots. Heading into the future, we will strive to offer even higher quality products to meet the needs of local and foreign demands.


လစာ နှင့် ခံစားခွင့်:


Operation Manager - Male Only (Mandalay)တွင် တာဝန်ထမ်းဆောင်ရန်

Duties and Responsibilities
Mall/ Plaza managers hold many duties and responsibilities, daily generally accountable for the following:

Manage for Plaza Operation

Tenants (Retailers and Customer)
To monitoring Disciplines, Rules and Regulations and Guide lines,
To have standard facilities
Plaza operation to be smooth and safe
Follow up and collecting for Utilities service charges
Review and follow up for outstanding payment

Plaza Operation (All Operation Department)

 On a day-to-day basis, a Plaza manager is presented with challenges that require the coordination of staff. These challenges may take the form of coverage shortages, maintenance requests, and the presence of law enforcement, criminal issues, or customer complaints.
    Customer Service
    Sales & Marketing Department (Leasing Department)
    Finance Department
    Legal Team
    HR Department
    Admin Department
    Facilities
    M&E
    Housekeeping
    Security (Safety & HSE)
To ensure peace of mind to our clients by providing the highest level of protection for their business, their safety of their personnel. We strive to enhance the well-being of the clients' business interests by maintaining a safe and secure environment in which to operate.

    Fit-out work
    Coordinate with M&E (Guiding for Fit-out work according to Standard and control for quality Standard.)
    Coordinate with (Leasing Team & Legal to improve for customer’s satisfaction & Facilities)

    Work Scope and Area
    Plaza Area , Shop
    Super Market
    Cinema/ Lounge Area
    Theatre (Open-air) Promotion area
    Parking and Traffic Control

Job Requirements

•    Bachelor’s degree
•    Good and effective communication skills
•    Good analytical and organizational abilities are of great importance
•    Possess good leadership ability, as well as ability to work as part of a team or even lead a team when called upon
•    Ability to read and interpret specifications
•    Ability to be proactive and also to foresee events and react appropriately towards them
•    The ability to multitask and strategize in different situations is also relevant
•    Ability to work and carry out projects within a stipulated time frame or deadline
•    At least 5 years on-the-job experience in a similar role or in any other capacity

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