Office Assistant

Barons Group of Companies is an entity with strong ability, advanced management structure with stable development striving for a bright future. Founded in 1997 as a small scale trading company named as Myanmar Innwahtani LPG Trading Co., Ltd, with import of LPG Gas cookers and tyres into Myanmar, a serious diversification of the new management team in 2002 transformed the company into an engineering based company with a rapid growth within 10 years of management take-over. 

The company now engaged in engineering, project management, project construction, supervision of electrical power, civil construction, material handling and process industries. The company is significantly well known in Energy & Electricity sector, Infrastructural sector, Industrial sector, Telecom & Information Technology sector for its fast & satisfactory customer service and highly regard as leader in each sector it exits.

Barons Group of Companies comprises of following companies with specialist quality of service in each sector Barons Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd, Barons Machinery & Engineering Construction Co., Ltd, Barons Tele-Link Services Co., Ltd, Barons Industrial Technology Co., Ltd, Barons Machinery & Engineering Pte. Ltd, Myanmar Innwahtani LPG Trading Co., Ltd etc.


လစာ နှင့် ခံစားခွင့်:

Bonus Ferry Uniform

Office Staff performs clerical duties to assist Office Manager's team in keeping the
office operation efficient.

(1)    Provide helps in day to day operation of an office

(2)     Store supplies of stationmasters and equipment in ready stock

(3)    Maintain condition of the office and arrange necessary repairs

(4)       Arrange regular testing for electrical equipment and safety devices such as fire

(5)   Monitor utility usage and raise awareness throughout organization for proper utility
usage and arrange for courier services payment.

(6)       Keep buffer stock of stationery, work-wears, safety wears and appliances for
disbursement to staff members

(7)       Keep record for office expenditures,checklist, filing system and gate pass control.

(8)   Support ferry arrangement and recordmeeting room.

(9)       Check employees attendance and process,also for their leave registration, duty inform and late/early attendance.

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