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Posco International Corporation does various businesses with over 100 global networks around the world. Its subsidiary Posco International Corporation (Myanmar E&P) is operating Offshore Oil and Gas sector in Myanmar. Oil and Gas development is one of Posco International Corporation's key sources of growth. It has now nine (9) oil/gas development projects going on around the world, including offshore gas production in SHWE gas field situated in the coast of Rakhine State, Union of Myanmar. Posco International Corporation (Myanmar E&P) is seeking energetic, reliable and qualified individuals to fill positions for its ongoing operations of Oil & Gas Industry in Myanmar

Rakhine State   03 December 2019
Job Reference: MJ1562212305545

OGT Mechanical Technician – 2 Post

“POSCO International Corporation (Myanmar E&P) invite applications, from experienced Myanmar National Onshore Mechanical Technicians, for two openings at our onshore gas terminal”. 

Location : Onshore Gas Terminal (Kyauk Phyu, Rakhine State)
Working Days : 28 days On/ Off
Reports To : Mechanical Lead Technician (OGT)
National : Myanmar National only to apply
Closing Date : 31-July-2019

Position Requirements 

 Fluency in English both written & spoken with good personal / interpersonal skills.

  Culturally aware with experience of working with multi-national workforces.

  Mechanical Trade Certificate / Technical diploma/ degree in Mechanical Engineering.

 Practical experience of Mechanical Maintenance on Process and Utilities equipment, on Gas Facilities.

  Ability to follow instructions and work safely within an established Safety Management System. 

 Ability to source information and drawings and interpret schematics, drawings and vendor package data.

  Participate and enforce company initiatives as directed by PDC. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

 Help to ensure that all mechanical equipment is maintained in a fully operational mode available to Operations.

  Ensure that all Safety Critical devices are in compliance as per Statutory Regulations. 

 Report any failures of equipment to Mechanical Lead Technician or Supervisor and assist in resolving those issues. 

 Assists the Mechanical Lead Technician with evaluation of equipment performance when requested. 

 Ability to identify & prepare spares orders with reference to parts manuals and drawings. 

 Collect Sample Data from running machinery for equipment performance analysis.

  Cooperate with Equipment Vendors & OEM Specialists to facilitate their manpower and material requirements, when working at OGT. 

 Works within the statutory Health and Safety Procedures and the Permit-to-Work system.

  Ensure that all work conducted will be done so in a safe manner, utilising all safety equipment & PPE necessary to complete the specific tasks within the Permit to Work system.

  Know & understand role in Emergency Response to an emergency situation & in emergency exercises / drills.

  Understand and utilise the Lock Out/ Tag Out system to safely complete specific work.

  Work with Lead Technician to ensure that all mechanical equipment is maintained operational and available for use. 

 Work unsupervised on relevant assigned tasks and recognise own limitations and acknowledge when assistance is required. 

 Actively seek knowledge, experience and training to improve knowledge and capabilities and work through the Company Technicians Competency assessment system.  Work in close cooperation with other disciplines to ensure timely restoration of equipment & plant to available status.

  Report any failures of equipment to Mechanical Lead Technician or Supervisor and cooperate with the maintenance team in resolving those issues.

  Ability to identify and prepare lists of spare part requirements.

  Collection of accurate data from running machinery for Equipment performance analysis. 

 Interface with the Operations team, providing maintenance support for Process, Utility Plant and equipment.

  When Contractor and Vendor representatives are tasked with specific maintenance and/or inspection scopes at OGT, actively seek knowledge transfer and observe and learn, asking pertinent questions as appropriate. 

 Ensure all work is conducted in accordance with the PTW system.

  Know & understand Emergency Response role in an emergency situation & at emergency exercises / drills.

  Attend Toolbox Safety Talks, Task Risk Assessments, Job Safety Analysis etc. as and when required.

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