Medical Representative (Mandalay)

T. T.O Pharm Company Limited

T.T.O Pharm Co., Ltd  is a Pharmaceutical Company founded in 1997.   Our company is the Representative of DENK PHARMA & DENK NUTRITION from GERMANY and WALMARK from CZECH REPUBLIC in Myanmar Market.

In Myanmar Market, We have been importing, distributing, marketing and made registration of pharmaceutical products of DENK PHARMA, DENK NUTRITION and WALMARK (Europe’s Manufacturing Companies).

Chanmyathazi,  Mandalay   04 November 2019
Job Reference: MJ1528185950683
  • B Pharm 
  • Female
  • Non-experience - Ok
  • Must Possess good communication skills. Must have honest, team-spirited,initiative and hard-working characteristics.
  • Able to travel as required.

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