M&E Coordinator (Maintenance)

Emerald Palace Hotel

Emerald Palace Hotel
Open in 2013 and situated on 11 acres of landscaped gardens, The Emerald Palace Hotel is located on Yarza Thingaha Road, just a short drive to various Ministries and the Pobbathiri Railway stations. Visitors to the Myanmar Gem Emporium will appreciate the 5 – minutes drive to the hotel and two major shopping centres also located less than 5 minutes away, meanwhile the Nay Pyi Taw international airport is just 15 kilometres or 20 minutes by car from the hotel.
The Emerald Palace Hotel is suitable for guests with a variety of needs including business travellers, leisure guests, as well as meetings and events. The nearby Sunday Walking street provides a taste of the local culture, while the hotel’s restaurant and bar offer a variety of international dishes, cocktails and other beverages.

Emerald Restaurant
Discover fine dining experience in Nay Pyi Taw… Already on it’s way to becoming known as one of Nay Pyi Taw’s newest and finest dining venues, the Emerald Restaurant is designed in a contemporary modern- Asian style and offers a warm and tranquil ambiance to enjoy a wide selection of food and beverage options.
Menus feature a delectable array of authentic Italian, Thai, Burmese and international dishes crafted by the creative technique of our Italian Executive chef Dario Cattarinich. In addition to food items you can also enjoy a large selection of imported wines as well as specialty cocktails accented with local fruits and other ingredients.

Sanchaung,  Yangon   11 February 2020
Job Reference: MJ1581388832964

M&E Technician (Maintenance)
Direct control and coordinate all Maintenance Engineering activities in operation and planned.

•    Directs and co-ordinate the engineering workforce in operations and maintenance of Materials and Engineering Physics equipment.
•    Ensure monthly inventory taking and monitoring par stock.
•    Maintain efficient administration within the department preparing and submitting operational report on time.
•    Monitor duty roster, vacation plan and schedule, public holiday schedules to ensure efficient use of human.
•    To assist in the preparation of the Residence’s annual Engineering budget, monitor and control the expenses.

General Coordination:

•    To coordinate with all senior supervisors in each other department.


•    Brief the staff for any special attention.
•    Monitor all information related to POMEC into logbook.
•    Monitor completes engineering Log Sheet and plant room log during the assigned shift.

Monthly Report:

•    Utilities report
•    Action plan

List of Specific Tasks & Responsibilities:

•    Operates plant and equipment to sustain the central services.
•    Maintain of all machines, maintaining systems and defects in rooms follow by Room Preventive Maintenance Schedule.
•    Sustains watch keeping duties throughout and makes adjustments to plant to ensure efficient operation.
•    Check any important jobs needing to be followed up.
•    Monitor the name of the person who made the report, including date and time if any incident happened.
•    How well are your team members performing against the (SOPs), & Service Standards for the department.
•    What guest feedback has been received? Use data from the guest comments.
•    Are there any changes that will be made in the next month that affect your current procedures. For example, new equipment.
•    What are the Residence's priorities for the next month manage costs, improve service in a specific area etc.
•    What are the Residence's training activities for the next month. Ensure your plan takes these activities into consideration.
•    The goal is to achieve on average 40 hrs per year per staff member for departmental training.

Managerial tasks:

•    Monitor and check the status of all equipment.
•    Be a leader/advisor in maintaining systems and defects in rooms.
•    Check all equipment and have spare parts on hand. to be a monitor, designator and cooperate with engineer sup. for ordering spare parts.
•    Reading records all information related to POMEC into logbook.
•    Complete the special assignments.

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