Eastern Foundation’s business structure is made up of four  divisions: mining, PET packaging, beverage and real estate. Eastern  Foundation is in leading position in each of the business. The company  is founded and led by a group of local elite businessmen and  ambitious overseas returnees.

The company is on its transformation journey to cope with some of the greatest challenges and competitions in the changing time of the country. Our goal is to grow and transform  Eastern Foundation into a top-tier company in terms of operating a  business and creating new value for our investors and the society. We are now expending and constantly seeking for passionate talents to join.

Mandalay   07 October 2019
Job Reference: MJ1552326904071

Requirement & Job Description

  1. The candidate must have previous work experience as Project Engineer or Construction Engineer with building contractors in Myanmar.
  2. Bachelor Degree in Mechanical OR Electrical Engineer. Preferably experience in commercial building development.
  3. The person is preferably around 25 – 30 years old, with mature personality. He must have more 3 years work experience in handling site construction works.
  4. Familiar with Auto-Cad and Excel.
  5. Independent, aggressive and proactive attitudes.
  6. The candidate shall be based at construction site and:
  1. To assist Project Engineer and handle MEP daily works.
  2. To review and check all MEP drawings and coordination with architecture/structural drawings.
  3. To ensure all MEP work sequencing are proper and all works done follow technical requirements.
  4. To ensure all construction materials at site are following the design and meeting the specifications.
  5. To coordinate among the MEP sub-contractors and resolve technical/construction disputes.
  6. To check and verify works done at site and contractors claim payment.
  7. To ensure all drawings, checklists, project correspondence, inspection forms, test certificates are properly documented.
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