Pingu's English International Kindergarten offers the best international curriculum for the pre-school years. Our curriculum is fully-structured and well-equipped, with international standards, including the latest methodologies for preschoolers. Through our unique spiral syllabus, Pingu's English engages your child from the start with exciting topics and activities. So that they will have fun and easily participate.

At Pingu's English International Kindergarten we  

Build confidence in the use of English from an early age

Use a wide range of multimedia learning and support materials

  Assess your child continually to ensure success

  Develop fundamental creative and educational skills

   Includes a wide range of fun learning activities

   Provide the ONLY English language course based around the lovable and award-winning Pingu

Bahan,  Yangon   19 February 2020
Job Reference: MJ1526293614167

Warmth and enthusiasm welcome children and parents and settle children get the classroom ready for classes lead Introduction and Expansion Classes following lesson plans provided in the Pingu’s English Teacher’s Manual plan and set out work stations, and manage activities in Consolidation Classes and Review and Assessment Classes talk to and interact with children, keep a watchful eye on children's behavior, encourage shy children to participate and maintain discipline help children who need extra support to complete tasks identify children who need extra help or who may be experiencing physical or emotional difficulties talk to parents about children’s progress or any difficulties ensure children are playing safely complete paperwork, children's files and keep records, clear away after activities and at the end of the day supervise the Classroom Assistants in the classroom past related work experience will be an advantage.

Personal attributes

  • active personality with a high-energy level
  • excellent command of spoken English and English grammar 
  • warm personality and sociable.

Salaries are competitive based on experience.




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