Land Surveyor (Supervisor) (Geomatics and GIS Services Unit)

Amigos Intl Co.,Ltd

Amigos International Co., Ltd is a Myanmar national company and is officially registered in 2010 with the company registration number (1950/2009-10) at Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, Directorate of Investment and Company Administration.

Amigos International Co., Ltd is a company that serves as Myanmar local official representative for import and distribution of geodetic surveying instruments and Construction Material Testing equipments used at Construction work such as Soil, Concrete and Asphalt Testing Equipment, Environmental and Weather measurement tools, Horticulture Research Equipment, Oil and Gas Exploration Equipment, Geological and Geophysical Investigation Instruments, Teaching Aid Instruments, Science and Laboratory Testing Equipment from world top companies, providing services for the sold products, operation trainings, technical assistance, maintaining and repairing by running the Service

The company's Scope of Products and Services are described as below.

             Geodetic Surveying Instrument

             Soil, Concrete & Asphalt Testing Equipment

             Water Quality Testing Equipment

             Weather, Environmental & Horticulture Equipment

             Hydrographic Survey Instrument

             Geological & Gemological Testing Instrument

             Geological Investigation Instrument

             GIS Data Collection Equipment and Software

             GPS & GPS Tracking System

             Chemical & Glassware

             Geodetic Survey & Digital Mapping



The competence integrity that being able to genuinely speak up about our product and our service no matter what struggle or obstacle we encounter is the DNA that has to exist deep inside the blood of everyone in
Amigos, from operational staffs to top management level.


Our Vision

Developing the qualities and lives of the employees, supporting the Customers' businesses improved through our products and services, always balancing between the three points of (1) employees, (2) company, and (3) customers as an equilateral triangle, and creating the better lives for long-term serving employees at Amigos.


Our Mission

(1) To strive for our staff's constant development in skills, qualities and attitudes.

(2) To establish an always positive-thinking Organizational Culture by forming with employees of positivity in morale & attitude and of good ideas.

(3) To build an always joyful workplace.

(4) To create an Organization with always-telling-the-truth characteristic.

(5) To steer up our standard to the top in the respective fields through proportionate control of agility and energy.

(6) To create ever going work-life balance.


Our Motto

"Trust only one you can find here"


Our Belief

"Everything is measurable."

Thingangyun,  Yangon   09 December 2019
Job Reference: MJ1563175228658

Land Surveyor(Supervisor)   -  Male (2) Posts

Geomatics and GIS Services Unit

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Good knowledge in Geomatics, Engineering, GIS, Photogrammetry, Remote sensing and Land Surveying.
  • Capability to use all kind of geodetic surveying instruments especially Auto Level, Total Station, GNSS DGPS and others.
  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills and ability to supervise others.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Strong colleague/ customer/subcontractor interfacing skills.
  • Team player, but willing to accept responsibility.
  • Positive attitude, enthusiastic and honest.
  • Co-operative and helpful at all times
  • Able to participate in a successful, committed and highly motivated team.
  • Flexible approach to work, and be prepared to work extra hours as and when required.
  • Commercial awareness and ability to communicate at all levels regarding technical matters.
  • Willing to take on challenging assignments.
  • Excellent experience in using with mapping tools software.
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