Myanmar Oasis Manufacturing Company Limited is newly established in the year 2014. Our aim is to be one of the leading local beverages manufacturing company in Myanmar with the internationally recognized standards. 

Our utmost belief is to offer our consumers with healthy and hygienic beverages to be enjoyed with their life most enjoyable moments.

Yangon   05 February 2020
Job Reference: MJ1579846313919


       -     အသကျ ၂၂ မှ ၂၈ အတှငျး

       -     လုပျငနျးအတှအေ့ကွုံရှိသူ/မရှိသူ

       -     လြှောကျထားသူသညျနယျမွို့နယျမှဖွဈပွီးရနျကုနျသို့ လာရောကျလုပျကိုငျနိုငျသူဖွဈရမညျ။

-     Company မှ နရေေးစာ:ရေးစီစဉျပေးမညျ။

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