Internal Control Officer

Hayman Capital Co., Ltd.

Hayman Capital Co. Ltd today is the dynamically growing Microfinance Institution in Myanmar.

Our main shareholder is Hayman Capital Pte. Ltd – Singapore based Investment Company.

Hayman Capital Co. Ltd founded in 2014 in Myanmar and successfully started its microfinance operations in July 2015. As of today we are represented by an effective network in Yangon and Bago regions. Our branches cover a number of townships, wards and villages through well-organized offices in Insein, ThinGanGyun, Hlegu, Nyaung Lay Pin townships and Bago city.

We are operating under permanent license no. 0232/2016 issued by Microfinance Supervisory Committee.

The main focus of our business is providing high quality and innovative financial solutions for micro entrepreneurs and individuals across the Myanmar Region. Hayman Capital Co. Ltd is developing an in-depth understanding of the needs of low income households and using flexible approaches and delivery mechanisms to provide increased financial access to such families.

Our Vision – is to build a strong base for further rapid expansion, through:

 Deep knowledge of the market

 Highly qualified staff

 Exceptional marketing strategy

 Proactive social programs

 Advanced technology

 Corporate governance and risk management processes

Our Mission – is to increase access to financial services,micro entrepreneurs and small farmers as well as to provide social program activities to uplift livelihoods at grassroots level and to develop the financial management skills of our clients.

The fundamental principles of Hayman Capital Co. Ltd  is to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships:

 with our clients, guaranteeing them the reliability, efficiency, integrity and availability;

 with staff, ensuring respect, stability, interesting work, career development and a decent wage;

 with shareholders, ensuring the growth and sustainability of the business;

• with the regulatory authorities to ensure compliance with laws;

 with partners and suppliers

  with the society, creating new jobs, developing financial culture and strengthening confidence in the financial industry of the country.

The basis of our values is a constant pursuit of excellence,the values are based on respect and trust, honesty and responsibility, innovation and creativity, teamwork and cooperation.

Yankin,  Yangon   19 February 2020
Job Reference: MJ1579581221273
Internal Control Officer at Hayman Capital,

Hayman Capital is an investment company based in Singapore. Hayman Capital is a licensed Micro Finance and recruiting for an experienced, motivated Internal Control Officer to join Hayman Capital’s grow-up Micro Finance Institution (MFI) in Myanmar.

Job Position : Internal Control Officer (Male Only)
Department : Credit Department
Location         : Yangon- Head Office, Myanmar
Report to                 : Head of Credit Department/ Unit Manager

Major Activities – 70%
1. Conduct visits to all branches and review lending process to ensure a satisfactory level of compliance;
2. Conduct field visits to ensure, the existence of the clients and businesses to which the loans have been disbursed. Verify the quality of collateral pledged and review the loan field analysis conducted by the loan officer;
3. Interact with the client to establish whether they properly understood the loan process and the terms of the loan; 
4. Verify the accuracy and completeness of the loan documentation, follow-up on missing item and report all findings to Unit Manager/ HOD;
5. As necessary, immediately report all suspicious activities (both internal and external), instances of staff attempting to influence Filed Monitor’s work, information of inappropriate use of company resources or any other critical situation that endangers the Company or its employees;
6. Investigating internal audit observations when necessary;
7. If fraud or negligence occurs, detect violation at an early stage, thus limiting damage to immaterial amount;
8. Conduct analysis of the reasons and circumstances that lead to fraud/ negligence;
9. Provide the Unit Manager/HOD with recommendations on the changes needed to protect the company from such incidents; 
10. Verify compliance with credit manual and all policies by monitoring activities related to loan portfolio monitoring, repayments, and other routine lending activities;
11. In collaboration with staff from all levels, ensure well-documented, efficient and effective policies and procedures are in place and kept up to date. Ensure that these policies and changes are communicated effectively to all staff.

Reporting – 20%

1. Submit reports to Unit Manager/HOD that summarizes activities and observations and compare actual tasks performed with the work plan for that month;
2. Submit monthly reports that summarize all observations from the month and any issues or topics that need the Management’s attention;
3. Submit reports to Unit Manager/ HOD that includes all observations from the control and issues or topics that need the Unit Manager/ HOD’s attention.
4. Timely reporting on every performed check using the standard form;
5. Involvement in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly planning of the field check;
6. Involvement in preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly Internal Control reports.
Administrative Responsibilities – 10%

1. Complete other control activities as assigned by Unit Manager/ HOD in accordance with work plan;
2. Conduct supervision of fulfillment of policies and procedures of the company in compliance with current memorandums, orders, etc.;
3. Perform control over office security during the working hours and after hours according to the plan;
4. Organize reports systematic storage, in the according to the companies requirements;
Keep track of recommendations’ fulfillment.

Experience and Qualification Required

Any Bachelor Degree.
Must be experienced in Microfinance filed (Loan Officer Position) at least one year.
Must be age below 30
Must be fluent in English Writing, Reading, Speaking.
Preferred post is suitable for Male and Single only.
Can ride Motorbike and license.

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