General Manager

Popy Foods

We started our Popy Business in 2012 at Mandalay. Popy mainly manufacture snacks like French Fries, Jelly, Candies and preserved fruits jams. We are using advanced production technology in our production with the finest ingredient which are ordering from around the world.

Popy already expanded 3 factories in Mandalay, Myanmar and one more will be coming up in 2019 in Yangon where we can create thousands of opportunities again in Myanmar.

Popy are ready to give a chance to you if you are the right candidates together with motivation, dedication, innovation and independent person with a high gear of initiative.

We encourage you to join with us!

Chanmyathazi,  Mandalay   17 February 2020
Job Reference: MJ1487576771282
  • Any Graduate/ MBA
  • Age between 35 to 45 years
  • 3 years experience in related field
  • Prefer in Food & Production Experience

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