General Accountant

Royal De Heus Group is an international organization with a leading position in the animal feed industry. De Heus was founded in 1911 and has its roots in the Netherlands. After more than a 100 years the company is still owned and managed by the De Heus family.

Since its founding Royal De Heus has expanded from a regional feed company to a feed conglomerate with activities in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Due to the rapid growth outside the Netherlands the De Heus Group is a global top-15 feed supplier.


General Accountant
Manage the day to day operation of the accounting department and its associated functions of all of De Heus Myanmar Operation.
Overall Responsibility for costing, pricing, assets accounting, and financial management and disbursement including training in this fields and internal financial regulations of De Heus Myanmar Ltd.

Report From:
Payable Accountants
Stock Accountants
Sale Accountant
Weighing staff
Report To:
Chief Accountant

3 – GOAL 
Success in developing structure of Finance Department
Success in leadership in budget and forecast preparation for all entities.
Success in prepare all required intra-company reporting, month-end and year-end closing.
Success in developing and executing the financial strategy to achieve operating budget targets
Success in implementation of effective financial controls and risk management
Success in creating financial procedures and daily financial management.

Key in data for Accounting notes and expenses.
Monitor for Account Payable.
Data key in system for Monthly-
o Salaries
o Salemen Bonus
o Salemen Expenses
o Personal Income Tax
Check Monthly Employee Advance payment amount.
Check Monthly Prepaid Expenses.
Check Monthly Trial Closing
Check and Reconcile monthly Intercompany Bank in transit for:
o OCBC Euro
o HO Cash
o MDY Cash
o NTL Cash
o TT Cash
o TG Cash
Check and Key in data for MDY Project Cost
Prepare Fixed assets payment and List in Excel.
Calculate monthly Depreciation in System.
Check and Reconcile WHT collect amount and payment amount to government
Prepare workings in Excel for all activities to provide for management Audit 
Prepare Quaterly Report for MIC.
- Organize audit
          - Communicate with auditing firm to set up annual audit
          - Corporate with auditors' request
          - Check/apply auditors advise in ERP system.
          - Acquire any legal document needed as advised by auditors
Monthly Closing
- Close trade period every month 
          - Check trade period report
          - Close trade period monthly"
- Confirm GL transaction
          - Move GL transaction from budget to actual
- Close accounting period
          - Check all transactions for correctness
          - Close accounting period for financial year
- Clear and consolidate AP account
          - Check AP account at month-end & year-end
          - Clear AP accounts if needed
- Internal transfer value is recorded correctly
          - All WMRs+/- are posted to correct account with correct value
          - Ending Goods in transit is correct
- Control inventory accounts
          - Make sure ending inventory accounts are correct according with warehouse report
- Create and control correction document
          - Create and check all correction document of IR+/-, PORC, SORC
- Re-evaluation of exchange rate
          - Calculate exchange rate re-evaluation
          - Post into GL
- COGS price
          - Value of IR+, IR- is correct
          - IR- is posted to correct account (bagged product, bulk product, re- work)
- Checking for POR price & PI value
          - PORs price are correct
          - Communicate with relating department to fix RM price if there are errors
          - Create correction documents if needed (PORC, PIC)
          - Check COGS and inventory accounts"
- Accrued expenses / Prepaid expenses
          - Record any accrued expenses.
          - Keep track of accrued expenses.
          - Consolidate accrued account at the end of the month."
- Check/keep track of salary expenses
          - Post salary expenses
          - Accrued for bonus. Check and clear accrued salary at month-end, year-end.
          - Support HR for salary, PIT, insurance … calculation"
- Calculate sales bonus
          - Update sales bonus policy
          - Calculate monthly bonus
          - Communicate with salesmen for sales bonus
- Check all expense transactions in ERP system
          - Check if all expenses are record before month close; focus on major monthly expenses.
          - Check if analytical descriptions are filled correctly
          - Check if transactions are posted to correct account"
- Control expenses as budget
          - Check if some specific expenses are over budget (for some specific type of expense) --> will be defined clearer later on.
          - Send notification to relating department heads before making payment
Fixed Assets
- Check term, conditions and payment for assets, machinery, equipment’s purchasing contracts
          - Check contract details including: payment term, price, taxes, payment conditions, penalty …
          - Working with legal advisor for terms
          - Ask for contract revise if needed."
- Contract payments
          - Record payment in ERP system before making payment as AN
          - If contract has multiple payments, create multiple lines in the AN
- Record fixed assets in ERP system
          - Move from CIP to fixed assets account when appropriate
          - Record in fixed asset module
          - Set up for depreciation
- Adjustment of fixed assets
          - Record any adjustment of fixed assets in both accounting module and fixed asset module
- Generate monthly depreciation
          - Generate monthly depreciation
          - Check and fix errors if occurs"
- Liquidating of fixed assets
           - Enter liquidation document in Accounting module and Fixed assets module
           - Create necessary adjustment notes
- Update and check on payment procedures
           - Update payment procedure if needed
           - Check for procedure implementation
Stock count
- Check for confirmation of all intakes
           - All POR/PORIs are confirmed
           - No un-generated VT in the system for intake
           - WMR+/- are confirmed"
- Checking for generation of JO, IR+, IR-
           - All JO are closed
           - All IR+ are confirmed and fixed cost
           - All IR- are confirmed and fixed cost
- Organize stock count day
           - Contact with other department to organize stock count day
           - Identify risky area to focus on stock count day
- Stock adjustment
          - Communicate with production department for stock adjustment.
          - Investigate the critical differences
          - Create stock adjustment in the system
- Check/record commercial taxes and other taxes
          - Check any issue relating to commercial taxes and other taxes
          - Take necessary action to solve any future issues."
- Action for legal documents
          - Prepare/follow up on any legal document relating to accounting, taxes, license…"
- Prepare quarterly MIC report
          - Prepare quarterly report for MIC

BSc or MSc degree in Finance or Accounting
CPA degree (preferable)

At least 3 years’ experience in Senior Accountant position, preferable at manufacturing company 
Experience working with information technology staff to manage finance and accounting software packages
Experience managing a diverse team (mix of junior, mediocre and senior staff) 

Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Demonstrated leadership ability, team management, and interpersonal skills.
Excellent analytical and abstract reasoning skills, plus excellent organization skills.
Ability to multi task and handle a fast paced work environment
Ability to self-manage, prioritize. 

ဤအလုပ်ကို လျှောက်ထားရန် လူကြီးမင်း၏ အကြောင်းအရာအသေးစိတ်ကို ထည့်သွင်းပေးရန် လိုအပ်ပါသည်။

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