Fresh Food Merchandising Manager

Makro Myanmar

Makro History

Siam Makro Public Company Limited was established in 1988 with investment capital of 750 million baht, to operate the member-based wholesale center, under the name “Makro”. Makro has continuously expands our branches to provide a wide range and assortment of product, to our professional members and business operators nationwide, including retailers, restaurants, catering businesses, service business operators, government agencies, education institutions and other business operators.

Makro commits to be the business partner, by sourcing a wide array of quality products at the price that the customers can resell to make profit and allows customers to manage cash flow effectively for a sustainable growth.

Makro also operates the business with social responsibility under good corporate governance, in order to confirm our commitment of being... Your Trusted Partner.

  Yangon    15 July 2019
Job Reference: MJ1549534622217

Major Responsibility:

  • Evaluation of the suppliers.
  • Receiving and control of the Material/Purchasing requirement.
  • Preparation of the in quires and request of proposals to the potential suppliers.
  • Analysis of the offers and comparison in terms of prices, quality offer, time of delivery, general conditions of supply.
  • Discussion and negotiation of the contracts, Issue of orders and contracts.
  • Request of the order approved from the suppliers.
  • Follow and evaluation of the performances of the suppliers in terms of prices, delivery, conformity of the products with the orders, quality of the products.
  • Generate sale, profit, and operating income.
  • Responsible for purchasing related assortments.
  • Investigate the market price and dealing with suppliers.
  • Supervise, coach and support the merchandising team with an aim to ensure efficient and productive daily operations.

Experience: 5-7 Years

Field of experience: In
sourcing or buying experience i.e Fresh Food

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