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AA Medical

Established in 1996, AA Medical Products Ltd. has been making healthcare available across Myanmar for more than two decades. The company is delivering top medical healthcare products and services to millions of people every day. It has established a strong network across the country with 15 distribution facilities within all states and fleet of more than 150 vehicles. Its network servicing 19,000 hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and drug stores and allow AA Medical to reach every customers in every area of the country making AA Medical one of the largest pharmaceutical company in Myanmar.

We believe in making a difference in the communities we serve, not only improving healthcare, but also attributing communities & social welfare. We contributed cash, medicine, medical equipment, food, and other aids to different organizations. We are committed to supporting and implementing anti‐ malaria projects, with US based NGO (Population Service International), which are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Department of Foreign Aids UK. With our extensive coverage of distribution network, malaria incidents significantly declined. We worked with UK registered charity focused of A4D NGO and providing the quality free glucometers, give educational talk, nutrition workshop to Type 1 Diabetes children.

We were committed to supporting the development of Nurses, Pharmacists and Medical Students in Myanmar and have launched a scholarship program for 20 nurses, 20 pharmacists, 20 medical students, for their university years. To update the latest medical technology and knowledge, we have donated various books to the Ministry of Health. To children and youths enduring obstacles as they grow up, we have donated 20,000 Chevrolet balls to help them cope with the challenges that they are overcoming.  We  have  also  donated  18  Chevrolet engines  and  nine  transmissions  to  Technical Universities Nationwide to help with improving experimental skills. To facilitate the time to reach a catastrophe that just occurred, we donated a Chevrolet car to the Red Cross.

In Addition, AA Medical Products Ltd. helps in the human resource development in public sectors; we have supported three medical doctors and one pharmacist to study at Chung Ang University (ROK). One scholarship to study a PhD degree and three scholarship to study a Master's Degree in pharmacology. Working together with Ministry of Health, Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association   &  Myanmar   Women  Affairs Association,   we gave  Cervical   Cancer  Vaccines   to underprivileged teenagers. AA Medical Products
Ltd. organizes the Women's Health Education workshops and seminars to share knowledges in Anemia, Reproductive health, Personal Hygiene, and Skin Diseases in major cities.

Kamayut,  Yangon   19 February 2020
Job Reference: MJ1571920056872

Finance Manager                                                                                                                                

Finance Manager will be responsible for managing finance-initiated projects that have firm wide
and finance department impacts. This individual will help lead and provide project direction to cross
functional teams and Business departments. This candidate must be results and goal oriented with
strong client relationship, change management, and business analysis skills.

Duties & Responsibilities

- Create monthly and annual reports to identify results, trends, and financial forecasts
- Develop and maintain timely, accurate financial statements in accordance with international
   accounting standards (IFRS, MFRS)
- Ensure all statutory requirements of the organization are met
- Collaborate with auditing services to ensure proper compliance with all regulations
- Develop budgets and financial plans for the company based on research and data reports
- Review all financial plans and budgets regularly to look for cost reduction opportunities

Skill Requirements

- Bachelor degree or master's degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, or a related field
- CPA or ACCA is highly desirable
- 5 or more years of experience in Finance specific roles required, incl. areas
  such as project management, financial modeling and reporting, forecasting, budgeting, P&L management
  (international experience is a plus)
- Ability to apply knowledge of MFRS and basic knowledge of IFRS
- Understanding of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) best practices and PMO (Project Management Office)
  best practices
- Required strong financial analysis and presentation skills, problem solving skills, good communication and
  interpersonal skills
- Possessed the exposure to IFRS conversion would be a distinct advantage
- Excellent communication skills, both oral and written, including the ability to: communicate complex
    financial reporting issues in an assessable way
-  Preferred good English & Myanmar Language skills for effective business communications

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