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IGE progressively expanded the trading business to cover Agriculture, Power generation, Power transmission & distribution, Oil & Gas exploration, Turnkey projects and other related engineering services.

In 2010, IGE considered it is time for the Group to expand into consumer market. It established United Amara Bank Limited, and subsequently Amara Communications Limited to target the mass market. We have investments in a large range of infrastructure development projects including hydropower stations, oil exploration projects and properties, re-fill stations, Concrete Batching Plant, Production Factory (Saw Mill & Veneer), Construction and Hotels. Both trading base and asset based businesses now contributes to the Group revenue.

  Shwepyitha,  Yangon    25 April 2018
Job Reference: MJ1524638651648

IGE Co., Ltd., is seeking a Director of Agriculture for Myanmar. The Director leads IGE’s business development and strategy for its agriculture business. The Director will need to be well experienced with the businesses across the agriculture value chain in ASEAN especially in Myanmar. The Director should be a hands-on person who is able to go down to the ground and “get his hands dirty” if required.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

The Director will be responsible to:

  • Develop the strategy for IGE’s agriculture business across value chain;
  • Identify and develop export markets for agriculture;
  • Set-up an effective and efficient organisation;
  • Prepare detail business plans and implement it.

The following are the KPI’s that would for this position:

  • Strategy development and execution (20%);
  • Business plan development and execution (30%);
  • Development of a strong team with the required qualifications to execute the business plan successfully (15%);
  • Responsibility for P&L (25%)
  • Working effectively with other IGE business and corporate units (10%);

The specific duties for this role are as to:

  • Identify export market potential in the short and midterm.
  • Assess different opportunities across value-chain based on potential market.

- Up-stream,

- Mid-stream,

- Downstream

  • Assess competitors in each opportunity across value-chain.
  • Prepare a detailed SWOT analysis.
  • Assess risks, problems and issues across value-chain.
  • Compute profit margin in each opportunity across value-chain.
  • Review law, regulation and government incentives with respect to agricultural sector.
  • Assess investment requirements in each opportunity across value-chain.
  • Assess technology requirements in each opportunity across value-chain.
  • Define the mission and vision for IGE’s agriculture business.
  • Define IGE’s position and branding strategy for its agriculture business
  • Develop a detailed go to market strategy which includes amongst others Unique Selling Point (USP), distribution plans, customer strategies, differentiation strategy
  • Develop five year pro-forma financial statements (P&L, Cashflow and Balance Sheet).
  • Identify investments that may be required including sources of capital and D/E ratio.
  • Compute investment return matrices including payback period, Return on Investment (ROI) and IRR.
  • Estimate working capital required.
  • Raising of capital (debt and/or equity) from either local or international markets.
  • Develop divestment, M&A and exit strategies.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum Master’s Degree in Agriculture, Economics, Development Studies, Business Administration or Management.
  • Minimum fifteen years of experience in agriculture sector in ASEAN including significant experience in Myanmar agriculture sector.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of past and current trends in Agriculture industry. Experience in working with private sector investment projects in agriculture.
  • Substantive experience in leading and managing teams.
  • Proven ability to deliver and perform with minimum supervision.
  • Substantive experience in budgeting and financial management.
  • Documented writing ability. Documented proposal writing and technical writing ability and successful project design experience.
  • Fluency in English required. Ability to speak and understand Myanmar language will be an added advantage.
  • The position will require both local and overseas travel and applicant should be willing to travel on short notice.