Customer Education Executive

Better Technology Myanmar Limited

Company Profile

Better HR is a mobile-first cloud-based HR management platform for companies that are ready to take on the future.

Yangon   24 January 2020
Job Reference: MJ1579837183313

What is Better HR ?

Better HR is a mobile-first cloud-based HR management platform for companies that are ready to take on the future. Better HR started in Nexlabs as an internal HR management tool to record attendance, OT, leave. Now evolving into a full commercial entity expanding its product and service to reach global goals.

Customer Success Department

Customer Success department deals with customer lifecycle management and customer retention. This is more than a support department. 

Customer Success is vital in keeping our revenue pipeline stable by maintaining relationships and supporting the clients in terms of usage of our platform. There are four types of general customer employee, HR, Management and Line Manager. Customer Success team is responsible for the success of those customers in using our software with an end goal of providing more productivity and administration efficiency to the whole organization.

  • Customer Education is the owner of support center, education materials and educational multimedia content which is automated in 

  • Customer Graduation is to develop feature training curriculum, define customer levels and do on the ground training and onboarding. 

  • Customer Communications & Issue Resolution is the human support side of customer success and support ticket resolution answering queries, questions and bug reports.

Basically Customer Education is like a university, Customer Graduation is a teacher and Customer Communication is student support and customers are the students.

Customer Education is to conceptualize and create education materials on the digital media by producing videos, content and various web product tutorials.

This requires a great deal of understanding customer behaviours of how they are using, which features are they having difficulties and navigation challenges. Understanding customers requires in-person experience and analytical understanding of challenges. 

Communicate daily with Customer Communications, Issue Resolution and Marketing to generatecontent ideas and create pipeline.

Key Output

  • Write articles on FAQs

  • Produce product demo video with screen capture and voice recording

Key Topics

  • Automations

  • Customer Communication

  • Support Center

Key Tools

  • Intercom - customer messaging, analytics and automation platform

  • Google Forms - for surveys

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