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One quarter of Myanmar’s estimated 55 million people live on less than $2 per day. The United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index ranked Myanmar as 149 out of 186 countries in 2013. The health sector has yet to catch up to the rapidly expanding economy. Total health spending from all sources is less than 2.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. However, matters are changing drastically; a market economy and broad government reforms are emerging since the 2011 transition to a civilian government.

PSI has operated in Myanmar since 1995 and is one of the largest NGOs in the country, delivering significant health impact in nearly all 331 townships. PSI/Myanmar is based in the country’s former capital and its commercial center, Yangon, with eight project offices nationwide.

Its work addresses the largest contributors to Myanmar’s burden of disease: HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, reproductive and maternal health. It also works in reproductive health matters.

PSI provides primary health services in 210 townships through its Sun Quality Health franchise network. The network is comprised of more than 1,500 private medical doctors that PSI/Myanmar trains and monitors on reproductive health services as well as treatment for malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhea, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. In addition, PSI supports the Sun Primary Health network of more than 2,000 village health workers.

PSI’s Targeted Outreach Program operates 17 drop-in centres nationwide, providing counseling and clinical services to populations most at risk of HIV, such as men who have sex with men and female sex workers.

Its nationwide network of private retail outlets distributes essential health products through social marketing techniques. These products include condoms, contraceptives, oral rehydration salts, water purifier products, and treatments for HIV, STIs, malaria, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.

PSI/Myanmar creates powerful campaigns based on evidence to motivate consumer behavior change. These campaigns are executed through mass media and interpersonal communications.

Shan State   06 December 2019
Job Reference: MJ1575618157316

Community Mobilizer

Community Mobilizer plays key role in supervising to Community Health Services Providers (CHSP) and also motivate them, conduct ongoing capacity building activities and manage/check their incentive payments and activities. And he/she has to collaborate with TB Mobile Team in assigned territory to facilitates Active Case Detection in high risk populations and urban poor in congestive living conditions.


•    Monitoring visit to Community Health Services Providers (CHSP) in assigned area to distribute PSI family planning products including DMPA Sc and, to deliver new updated forms, IECs and promos, to collect MCRs, to provide provider’s incentive payment;
•    Ensure all PSI distributing products are fully stocked and keep under acceptable condition, good expired date and track to keep reasonable sales and consultation;
•    Assist and supervise CHSP activities on behavior change activities, demand creation activities and counseling;
•    Visit to Sun clinics OR Township hospital to follow up referral cases and reporting as necessary (Cx Cancer prevention);
•    Responsible for disseminating technical updated changes to CHSPs/Partners in assigned area;
•    Take necessary action/solution concerning with issues on CHSPs/Partners and other stakeholders in assigned area and report to supervisor if the issue is not on their decision level;
•    Check CHSPs/Partners reports and response back to Community Coordinator /Health Coordinator concerning with error and problems on reporting;
•    Assist Community Coordinator / Heath Coordinator on progress analysis & monitoring of CHSP channel, conducting area mapping & auditing for new recruitment for Sun clinics and CHSP in the assigned territory;
•    Assist to conduct refresher training and meeting with CHSP of assigned area;
•    Conduct advocacy and report back to local authorities and health authorities and attend meeting as necessary at respective township;
•    Collaborate with partner organization as necessary;
•    Prepare and report monthly activities reports timely to supervisors and office support team.
•    Must be a graduate;
•    Resident in project townships are preferable
•    Must have at least one year working experience in community activity
•    Must have good interpersonal communication skills;
•    Able to drive motorcycle and travel extensively to hard to reach activities
•    Should be organized, systematic and dynamic and must interact well with others.

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