Professional  HDPE PPR pipe manufacturer

HYE is a professional HDPE pipe manufacturers, specializing in the production of high-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE pipe), PE pipe and HDPE environmental protection seepage to the soil film, by a group of highly professional and more than 20 years of experience in the partners, the development of the enterprise.

HYE comes from the United States Gundle company, (Gundle company was founded in 1979, led by Mr. Dave Eakin, is the world's first batch of production of HDPE environmental protection impermeable geo-membrane of the company), the United States Gundle Mr. Dave Eakin, founded in 1992 in Taiwan, the production of HDPE impermeable geo-membrane and HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe, is Asia's first production of HDPE environmental protection impermeable geo-membrane and HDPE double wall corrugated pipe professional manufacturing Plant, supply all over the world impermeable membrane and HDPE pipe, customers in Central and South America, Chile, Peru and Myanmar copper mine and Malaysia, Indonesia aquaculture customers.The management of the company, Mr. Dave Eakin was planted in Taiwan, the first in Asia dedicated to HDPE geo-membrane and pipe production and sales of seed talent.HYE Myanmar is founded in 2017 until now.

Taiwan Hsiung Yeu Enterprise Corporation, has consistently uphold the quality of the first and innovative research and development to serve the spirit of customers, and achieved ISO9001, CNS markings and environmental labeling products such as quality certification, Hsiung Yeu is also China Telecom (Taiwan's largest Telecommunications companies), Taiwan Electric Power Co., Ltd. and China National Petroleum Corporation of the natural gas business of qualified suppliers, Hsiung Yeu annual production of more than five million meters of various types of pipe to supply communications, electricity, natural gas, mining, water, sewage drainage Sewer, box net aquaculture industry customers, and in the Asia-Pacific region to promote advanced technology to create film manufacturing and engineering construction projects.

Mandalay   17 July 2019
Job Reference: MJ1549531057846

 Requirements : 

  • language ability Chinese to Myanmar / Myanmar to Chinese translation skills,

  • school level of Chinese  fluent English
  • Education requirement : Bachelor degree or above
  • Experience required  translator
  • Post  translator/admin
  • Working place: head office at Mandalay .
  •  No limitation of age,gender and educational background

  •  Proficiency in computer skill,E-mail and Microsoft skill

     At least related filed in 1 year experience. 

လစာ ႏွင့္ ခံစားခြင့္:
Salary ++ Sunday Off
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