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Mandalay   11 June 2019
Job Reference: MJ1560228661324

Cashier Female (1) Post

Key Responsibilities:
To Ensure that in my capacity as cashier working for Motor bike Services that the following key responsibilities will be observed at all times:-
• Prepare Payment & Receipt Voucher.
• Request signature from relevant authorized person, a person who receive cash and customers.
• Prepare and check required documents of Receipt and Payment Voucher.
• Collect cash transfer from Bank sent by Yangon
• Transfer cash to Yangon by Bank.
• Collect cash from customers (especially from bike and vehicle sales, APP & ACC sales & service center).
• Prepare daily cash flow.
• Send daily cash flow to Yangon and Sr. Accountant by mail.
• Copy all vouchers that need to post Head Office and prepare to send.
• Keep & Control all Cash Inflow & Outflow under Sr. Accountant’s instruction.
• Control & remind Advance Cash Payment.
• Assist Sr. Accountant relevant with the tasks.

Qualifications & Skills
• Any Graduate prefers Economics desirable
• At least need to finish LCCI ( Level II )
• Strong written and oral negotiation in English
• At least 2- or 3-years’ experience in Accounting & Cash Management
• Adaptable to changing priorities and capable of working efficiently under pressure
• Well-developed skills in Microsoft Office Set.

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