Barista Leader (Male-1)

SP Bakery

SP Bakery was originated from 'San Pya Confectionery' from Mogok, well known as Ruby Land. In 2008, SP Bakery was renamed from 'San Pya Confectionery' and expanded to Mandalay. 

Currently, SP Bakery has a chain of 6 retail outlets in Mandalay, and with the presence in Mogok. SP Bakery provides premium quality products manufactured from the finest ingredients around the world together with advanced production technology.

SP Bakery is expanding to mass production market in 2015 while centralized production plant is developing in progress.

SP Bakery has confidence in research and development processes in order to bring more advanced production technology and support the consumers’ preferences.

SP Bakery is seeking personnel who are looking to join a dynamic company with excellent growth prospects. 

SP Bakery offers the right candidates with real opportunities to realize their full potential. If you are a self-motivated individual with a high level of initiative and dedication, we invite you to join us.

  Bahan,  Yangon    01 June 2019
Job Reference: MJ1552634315332

All Sales Centers Responsible for managing Bar Tender staff within a sales shop while coordinating the delivery of goods, sets up displays and Product Quality and staff during business hours.

Shuffling Stock Control the delivery of product to customer satisfaction.

  • Prepares and report daily, weekly and monthly report with market analysis remark to Manager.
  • Develops a bar team to implement strategy to achieve objective
  • Testing for new product
  • Updates product knowledge bar process and customer care by participating in internal training program.
  • Manages the center as leader and leads bar team and the whole operation team to achieve target outcomes and product quality.
  • Supervises closely to bar’s daily operation as well as assigns job to subordinates effectively and efficiently.
  • Motivates Bar tender members to achieve monthly sales target and product quality.
  • Solves the customer complaints and team members problem effectively as and when require.
  • Updates product knowledge and bar service for self-development and instructs bar team members to follow up the instruction
  • Involved in developing sales , product quality , pricing strategy.
  • Manages the damage , stock control, order of product .
  • Monitoring market situation and analyzing competitors' activity.

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