Asst. Sales Manager Male/ Female (1) Post

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Mandalay   11 February 2020
Job Reference: MJ1578646459147

Asst. Sales Manager Male/ Female (1) Post

Required Skills and Qualifications
- Preferable Degree in Business, Sales & Marketing
- At least (3–5) years experience in Sales & Marketing
- English 4 Skills and able to use Microsoft office
- Willingness to travel around the country
- Preferred Sales & Marketing experience in Elevator product
- Proactive, good inter-personnel skills and team player
- Willingness to learn
- Work with team-spirit

Duties and Responsibilities
- Sales data analysis and tracking
- Develop specific plan to ensure revenue growth
- Providing assistance to Sales Manager to meet sales target, as well as ensure efficient sales
- Creating a good work relationship with clients
- Participate in Advertising & Promotion plan initiatives and activities
- Co-operate, negotiate and discuss with related depts. for customer’s requirement or complaint

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