Assistant Vice President~Vice President(Credit Risk Management – Risk Management Department) Male/Female(2)posts

Myanma Apex Bank Ltd was incorporated on July 2, 2010 and opened its first branch office in Naypyitaw on August 17, 2010. Since inception, we have extended our branch network steadily to facilitate commercial development and investment across all of Myanmar as well as to better serve our growing customer base through a larger banking network.

Customer deposits have grown significantly over the past couple of years since inception, due to our ability to deliver quality service, reliable performance, customer satisfaction and trust among the general public.

We have within the bank both local and external talents with many years of professional experience in domestic and international banking. We invest extensively in technology and human resources to sustain our future longterm growth and to stay ahead amidst growing competition.

For domestic banking, we provide a comprehensive range of deposit products, financing options for large and small businesses through loans, overdrafts and hire purchases, reliable and extensive ATM and POS service via the Myanmar Payment UNion (MPU) network. For international banking, we provide foreign trade finance as well as worldwide payment services with partners, including Western Union, VISA, Master Card, China Union Pay and other major card organizations. Other services include gift cheques, payment orders and local remittance services.



-    Bachelors degree in Banking, Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Science, Accounting or other relevant academic backgrounds

-    Have 5 years of working experience in credit risk management and related areas (Experience in credit modeling / quantitative techniques

     is preferable!)

-    Have strong analytical skills and working knowledge in credit risk management

-    Strong interpersonal skills and proficient in delivery of professional business presentations

-    Strategic thinking, conceptual thinking, team player, customer centric, committed to efficiency and effectiveness

-    Computer literate and proficient in English

-    Myanmar Nationality Only

Duties & Responsibilities

-    Develop, review and update credit risk identification, assessment, measurement and management methodology and processes :-

      -   Develop internal policies and guidelines on credit risk

      -   Review the credit decision-making structure

      -   Emplace a credit review structure

      -   Develop, review and enhance credit portfolio risk models

      -   Streamline internal credit risk reporting

-    Credit risk management planning and control :-

      -    Strategic credit risk planning - planning and monitoring the credit risk portfolio and aligning actual credit risk with the banks capital

           management strategy

      -    Operational credit risk analytics - identifying, measuring and aggregating credit risk at a portfolio level

      -    Credit risk control - defining and monitoring credit risk limits, recommending courses of action if limits are exceeded and setting

           credit risk-adjusted prices

-    Credit portfolio risk management :-

      -   Managing portfolio concentration risk

      -   Ensuring the portfolio meets regulatory standards

      -   Advising on strategies to maximize the bank’s risk-adjusted returns

-    Drive the implementation of credit risk measurement and management systems & tools e.g. credit rating scorecards & systems, credit

     exposure and collateral management systems, portfolio management systems, credit risk capital calculator, etc as required by regulator

     or from industry best practices.

-    Staff management and development

-    Responsible to create and promote a strong risk culture across the bank

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