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Capital Hypermarket

Leading Retailer in Myanmar

The first Capital Hypermarket location, in Yangon’s Dawbon Township, welcomed its first customers in 2008. This Hypermarket is not only a first for CDSG but also the first and largest hypermarket in Myanmar. It has over 6,000 square meters of shopping space and continues to provide a modern shopping experience to customers in Yangon and beyond. The second Capital Hypermarket, a 6,000 square meter facility, was opened in Myanmar's capital, Nay Pyi Taw, in March 2011.

Vision & Mission


To be a Retailer of First Choice


To be Progress Retailer that offers great shopper experience with excellence customer service that offer a variety of products at competitive prices to Myanmar consumers.

CDSG’s retail operations also include a number of Capital Supermarkets and Express

  North Dagon, Yangon

  North Okkalapa, Yangon


Wellington Pharmacies

Wellington is an international quality pharmacy distribution a well-rounded selection of FDA approved imported and local pharmaceutical as well as other beauty and health care products. Wellington strives to care for its customer’s health and beauty. Wellington currently has outlets in capital Supermarkets and Capital Hypermarkets.

Grab & Go Convenience

24-hour Convenience

CDSG operates a chain of convenience stores under the "Grab & Go" or “G & G” brand. The first “G & G” store was opened in 2012 and the chain has expanded rapidly ever since. “G & G” celebrated the opening of its 100th store in 2016 and continues to expand rapidly. Currently, there are “G & G” stores at various townships in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay.

Each “G & G” location offers 24-hour service and offers customers exceptional value by providing basic consumer goods such as dry food, fast food, stationery and ticketing. “G &G” aims to be a top convenience
outlet in Myanmar by accelerating and focusing on customer service more than ever.

Dawbon,  Yangon   09 December 2019
Job Reference: MJ1561631423409

Job Requirements

  • University Graduate 
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Understand the Category(Ready to Eat) 
  • Negotiations skill, Fluent English
  • Planning, Organizing and Managing
  • High Integrity , team player, detail oriented, willingness to learn 
  • Above 4 years in hotel field, restaurant field and retail food field.

Job Description

• Analyzing customer demand/seasonal trend and customer buying pattern

• Plan and source the right products and assortments

• Negotiating with suppliers to get the lowest possible price, higher margin (both front/back end Margin-buying income)

• Present new items plan to MM/management with deletion plan for old,slow-moving items

• Create and update items and vendor information

• Implement category management (including developing planogram)

• Manage price change (Cost and retail)

• Work with suppliers on demand planning in advance

• Plan the purchase and track open to buy (OTB)

• Plan promotional activities with suppliers and work with the marketing department

• Issue PO’s (for promotional items and new items)

• Monitor the service level of suppliers delivery and take necessary action

• Monitor the in-stock level at stores and take necessary action

• Monitor for overstock and take necessary action

• Analyze the performance of categories

• Work with operation and DC to ensure the plan is communicated, implemented and if any issues occur, necessary action must be taken

• Prepare the report for MM and Management

• Monitor the competition activities (Products, Price and Promotion) by visiting their stores

• Visit the stores to ensure the implementation of the plan and learn customer behavior

• Attend Trade Fair and improve the knowledge

• Train assistant buyer

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