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Strong Source Holding Co.,Ltd

Strong Source is a prominent group of companies established since 2006 with DOCOMO Chain stores in Yangon, nine business units spread across Myanmar and franchise brands from overseas.

Strong Source strives to continuously make significant contributions to the development of Myanmar through its diversified business sectors ranging from Mobile phone distribution, Hotels and Resorts,
Construction, Food and Beverage.

Strong Source is power by more than 600 strong workforce whom proudly called themselves and shared common purpose of delivering smile and strength to customers by giving solution through providing quality products and services.

The Company owns;

Official Xiaomi Myammar,

Official Gionee Myanmar,

Black Canyon Coffee (Thailand Original),

Beauty in the Pot, CANTON PARADISE,

Bread and Toast,

Hotel SS Aung Ban,

Strong Source Construction, and SSCL Mobile Distribution.

Yangon   11 July 2019
Job Reference: MJ1551331682868
  • ထိုင်း - မြန်မာ Computer စာရိုက်နိုင်ရမည်။
  • နယ် ခရီးသ ွားလာနိုင်ရမည်။
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