Sales / Merchandiser 业务员/ 业务跟单

MYANMAR LONGRAY Logistics Company Limited

MYANMAR LONGRAY Logistics Company Limited is a recognized and legally established registered service provider of customs clearance and logistic services which specialize in

Import:  CHINA TO
MYANMAR(door to door),

Export: MYANMAR export to around the world. 

Our people are trained and experienced in providing customs clearance and logistics services, offering answers to your logistics and transportation needs.

We serve door to door logistic services by truck and sea.  opening offices operated on our own with nearly 25 dedicated specialized people in Myanmar, and located office in Dongguan of china which operator the logistics business covered SHENZHEN, SHANGHAI , QINGDAO , TIANJIN port etc. We also have warehouses in Yangon to support the truck transportation business .

We base on above points to supply the import and export logistics service around the world.

Our Vision

“We shall be the leading customs clearance agency and Logistics Service provider for Myanmar and become the best logistic solution provider between Myanmar and China, Myanmar and whole world, within global forwarding and logistics all in a seamless and flawless supply chain.

Our Mission

We shall provide our clients with the highest level of Service Quality among the best this industry offers for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

We take , we care

Botataung,  Yangon   11 December 2019
Job Reference: MJ1563934387346

Responsibilities: 工作职责
•   维护现有客户
•   学习LONGRAY 业务类型,开发市场,挖掘潜在客户
•  给客户提供整个全程物流服务,跟进业务。

Requirements: 要求
•    Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, economics or related field. 大学毕业,经济贸易专业优先
•    Experience in logistics/freight forwarding sales (Min. 1-2 years’ experience) 在物流行业有1-2年的经验
•    Understanding of the sales process and dynamics. 熟悉交易流程
•    A commitment to excellent customer service. 展现出色的客户服务
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Chinese。出色的英语和中文沟通能力
•    Competency in Microsoft applications including Word, Excel, and Outlook.  熟练运用电脑办公软件
•    Able to work comfortably in a fast paced environment 适应快节奏的工作环境

The preferred competencies:  优先考虑

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills. 过硬的人际交往和沟通协调能力
  • Well organized with systematic and able to prioritize effectively. 良好的组织安排工作
  • Be honest and hard working. 诚实勤奋
  • Able to speak Chinese would be an advantage. 会说中文
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