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PrEP Navigator(2 Position)

One quarter of Myanmar’s estimated 55 million people live on less than $2 per day. The United Nations Development Programme Human Development Index ranked Myanmar as 149 out of 186 countries in 2013. The health sector has yet to catch up to the rapidly expanding economy. Total health spending from all sources is less than 2.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. However, matters are changing drastically; a market economy and broad government reforms are emerging since the 2011 transition to a civilian government.

PSI has operated in Myanmar since 1995 and is one of the largest NGOs in the country, delivering significant health impact in nearly all 331 townships. PSI/Myanmar is based in the country’s former capital and its commercial center, Yangon, with eight project offices nationwide.

Its work addresses the largest contributors to Myanmar’s burden of disease: HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, reproductive and maternal health. It also works in reproductive health matters.

PSI provides primary health services in 210 townships through its Sun Quality Health franchise network. The network is comprised of more than 1,500 private medical doctors that PSI/Myanmar trains and monitors on reproductive health services as well as treatment for malaria, tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhea, HIV and sexually transmitted infections. In addition, PSI supports the Sun Primary Health network of more than 2,000 village health workers.

PSI’s Targeted Outreach Program operates 17 drop-in centres nationwide, providing counseling and clinical services to populations most at risk of HIV, such as men who have sex with men and female sex workers.

Its nationwide network of private retail outlets distributes essential health products through social marketing techniques. These products include condoms, contraceptives, oral rehydration salts, water purifier products, and treatments for HIV, STIs, malaria, tuberculosis, and pneumonia.

PSI/Myanmar creates powerful campaigns based on evidence to motivate consumer behavior change. These campaigns are executed through mass media and interpersonal communications.


PrEP Navigator(2 Position)

PSI/ Myanmar’s TOP BU working in Myanmar to give health services to key population such as MSM, FSW, TG with package of services including HIV/TB. The principle role of PrEP Navigator works for TOP, a HIV/AIDS and TB projects aiming at reducing HIV/TB co-infected transmission and HIV/AIDS-associated morbidity and mortality amongst the high-risk and marginalized population of Sex Workers and Men Having Sex with Men in 12 sites in Myanmar.

This position is to support clients taking PrEP to retain in preventive therapy by providing counseling services and home-based care if necessary, assists Medical Officer in providing clinical services for PrEP, develop case management system for clients taking PrEP and tracking procedures.
PrEP Navigator is mainly responsible for

I.    PrEP Service Provision
•    Assists PrEP Medical Officer in PrEP service provision as delegated by clinic team
•    Ensures the comfortable and privacy for the clients by assisting in communication with PrEP Medical Officer
•     Assists PrEP Medica; Officer in drug dispensing of PrEP related care
•    Support the client flow within the TOP clinic including laboratory examination room, counseling room and other necessary services
•    Actively involving in monthly meeting, discuss about challenges and share experiences.
•    Closely Cooperate with PrEP MO how to support poor adherence client.

II.    Retention to care for PrEP
•    Follow up and tracing of PrEP clients regularly and track if necessary
•    Tracking of PrEP clients by providing customized cares like counseling by phones, home based cares to ensure PrEP retention
•    Assist to PrEP Administrator in enrollment into application for the necessary information of clients taking PrEP
•    Effectively communicate with clients taking PrEP regarding reminder mechanisms of application
•    Reports the situation of PrEP clients to PrEP Administrator within the application cooperating with PrEP Medical Officer and Counselor and conducts necessary actions as guided by him / her

III.    Program Implementation Support
•    Actively involving in special campaigns/events & social group meeting conducted by PrEP service group
•    Report to PrEP Administrator for related activities on weekly/daily.
•    Perform any other duties as required by PrEP Administrator or TOP Program Management Team.

Candidates must be MSM/TG communities.
· Experience in the provision of support, education of care service.
· Demonstrated skills and experience in adherence support.
· Personal and/or professional experience with clinics.
· Ability to work independently but cooperatively with others.
· Be highly organized, organized, outgoing and extremely good with people.
· Demonstrate a high level of integrity compassion for others and a high degree of honesty.

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