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Lead Teacher Female (5) posts

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Lead Teacher Female (5) posts

Job Description:

  • Love Kids and love teaching
  • Follow lesson plans provided in Private school' s English Teacher’s Manual
  • Manage Classes and prepare lessons delivered to students
  • Talk to and interact with children, keep a watchful eye on children’s behavior
  • Feedback to parents about children’s progress or any difficulties encountered
  • Supervise and instruct the classroom assistants in the classroom
  • Job Requirements -2 years ++ of experience in teaching general English
  • University or college graduate is preferable but not essential
  • self initiative, positive attitude
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Active personality with a high energy level
  • Basic office computer skill
  • International Kindergarten with over 100 school in more than 26 countries
  • Working environment with international standard
  • Salary are competitive based on experience
  • Professional training provided

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