City Mart Holding Co., Ltd. (CMHL) is Myanmar’s largest retail chain,currently employing more than 6,800 employees. The City Mart Group started as a modern supermarket in 1996 in the north wing of Bogyoke Aung San Stadium[2] but has since expanded into many different aspects of modern retail trade such as supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores, baby stores, convenience stores and bakery & coffee shops. The stores are primarily located in the cities of Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw.City Mart Holding Co., Ltd. was ranked 31 in Myanmar for the fiscal year 13/14 Income Tax Ranking, and 5 for the Commercial Tax Ranking Myanmar Index.

City Mart Supermarket

The City Mart Supermarkets are catered to urban households focusing on good food and quality lifestyle. Currently 21 City Mart Supermarkets have opened in Yangon and Mandalay.[Many City Mart Supermarkets have pop-up stores inside them for beauty products, pharmacy, wine & spirits, kitchen utensils etc. Most stores have a wide selection of foreign products.

Ocean Supercenter
Ocean Supercenter was the first Hypermarket to open in Myanmar in 2006. It is known as the one-stop place for shopping food, clothing, beauty products, household products and much more. There are currently 7 Ocean Supercenters located in Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw and Yangon.

Marketplace by City Mart
Currently offering a wider range of international and premium products in Yangon. One of the best-stocked outlets in Yangon offering special treats like locally produced coffee and chocolate products. Opened in 2011 as a premium supermarket brand in the Golden Valley shopping center. Second outlet opened in 2013 at the FMI Center Parkson.

Sanchaung,  Yangon   15 November 2019
Job Reference: MJ1546945451986

Job Area

You will be responsible to prepare Ready-to-eat menus, especially western foods, under company’s upcoming plans. You will be the one to formulate and test new products or improve current products, analyze and propose to Department Head and Food Consultant.


•    Create new recipes or improve current recipes, make food testing, test keeping process and shelf-life and give their input to taste, texture and packaging for those products
•    Observe market trends, conduct consumer testing & either create or improve recipes
•    Develop mass production process on the approved recipe which will deliver the freshness, flavor, consistency & nutritional content
•    Collaborate with suppliers for ingredients sourcing & the food technology
•    Study the shelf-life of various food items & ingredients
•    Be aware of the latest consumer of food preference & current industry trends
•    Work with Costing/Finance team to examine a food products’ potential profitability
•    Work with different stakeholders in the company for customer presentation, marketing and display of products, food safety, training, etc
•    Promote health and safety in the workplace
•    Create and maintain an efficient, hygienic and positive working environment
•    Set up the Standard Operating Producers and Inspection Regulations
•    Monitor monthly Sales Performance
•    Manage the overall production, ordering and delivery processes daily

Job Requirements

•    Bachelor Degree from a recognized university
•    Certificates of related fields and Strong English Skills (4 skills)
•    Minimum 3 year experience in related fields
•    Good Communication and personal skills
•    Able to handle and control feedback and complaints
•    Able to work early morning or late night as per job requirements

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