MYANMAR LONGRAY Logistics Company Limited is a recognized and legally established registered service provider of customs clearance and logistic services which specialize in

Import:  CHINA TO
MYANMAR(door to door),

Export: MYANMAR export to around the world. 

Our people are trained and experienced in providing customs clearance and logistics services, offering answers to your logistics and transportation needs.

We serve door to door logistic services by truck and sea.  opening offices operated on our own with nearly 25 dedicated specialized people in Myanmar, and located office in Dongguan of china which operator the logistics business covered SHENZHEN, SHANGHAI , QINGDAO , TIANJIN port etc. We also have warehouses in Yangon to support the truck transportation business .

We base on above points to supply the import and export logistics service around the world.

Our Vision

“We shall be the leading customs clearance agency and Logistics Service provider for Myanmar and become the best logistic solution provider between Myanmar and China, Myanmar and whole world, within global forwarding and logistics all in a seamless and flawless supply chain.

Our Mission

We shall provide our clients with the highest level of Service Quality among the best this industry offers for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

We take , we care

Botataung,  Yangon   22 November 2019
Job Reference: MJ1563877987185
  • Cash flow data record
  • Very important: can write and speak chinese and english  会讲中文和英语
  • Assistance for Accounts & Financial work. Help in other related work as per requirements
  • Update all data on software program   
  • 可以读,写,说 中文
  • 记录流水账,公司各项费用的票据数
  • 汇报每月盈利表,费用明细表等会计账目
  • 记录现金流动情况
  • 能熟练使用office软件
  • 具备吃苦耐劳,诚实,责任心强
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