Company description

    SATHAPANA Limited founded in January 2015 by MARUHAN Investment Asia Pte. Ltd. and obtained Temporary Licence in June 2015 to operate Microfinance Business with 15 million US Dollars authorized capital.

    The name “SATHAPANA” derived from SATHAPANA Bank Plc. which is one of the leading banks in Cambodia, born out of the merger between a bank (Maruhan Japan Bank Plc.) and a leading Microfinance Institution (SATHAPANA Limited, Cambodia). The word “SATHAPANA” means “to build or to construct” in Cambodian language.

    The subtle LOGO change is it represents mount Fuji, a widely recognized symbol of Japan, where our shareholder is, and as a source of solidity, and harmony. The Hexagon rim of crest represents the honeycomb structure of a beehive, nature of ideal storage of valuable assets. Its strength is re-enforced when multiple hexagons are placed next to one another, dispatching the company’s ability to service to its customers through its branch network.

    The crest also represents vault, or a safety deposit box and five shades of blue are the reflections of the blue sky it is a sign of modernity and progress.

    SATHAPANA Limited began its microfinance operations in August 2015 with four branches in Yangon, Bago, Mandalay and Ayeyarwady regions. The institution obtained permanence license in July 2016 and proved its financial strength and commitment to Myanmar economic development through fully injection of 15 million US Dollars authorized capital in FY 2016-2017.

    Over the past 3 years, SATHAPANA Limited has made a remarkable growth in human capacity and financial capabilities and claimed to be the top 2 microfinance institution in term of loan portfolio and clients throughout FY 2018-2019.



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