Sae Paing Development Ltd

Sae Paing Development is established in 2013. During the past five years, Sae Paing Development has evolved into one of the fastest growing real estate de• velopment companies in Myanmar. With the primary businessbeing developmet of properties in residential, commercial and retails sectors, the company's opera•tions span across various aspects of real estate development, such as land acquisi•tion, project planning, designing, marketing & salesand project execution.

Sae Paing management team have well over a decade of experience within the industry and they develop every property only after concerntrated and focused market research to determine the customers needs and then the project is de• signed and implemented according to customer preferences. Sae Paing Develop• ment today has not only in-house international & local designers but also partnered with worldwide international design consultants. Our projects are built with high quality speciaficatioons instantly.

Today with a strength of over 700 employees, and presence in Yangon, Myanmar. We are aiming to create communities with lifestyle defined by the notions of com• fort, safety and quality.