A-G-T Company Limited

About the Company

Our Company is an electronic home appliance and mobile phone distribution company, established in 1985.
We sell the following products nationwide as a Wholesaler and a Distributor.

•    Electronics Home Appliances
•    CCTV& Security Products
•    AGT KTV
•    Mobile Phone & Electronic Home Appliances AGT / E2 (Own Brand)
•    24 Hours Clock (Own Brand)
•    HOSEKI Clock (Agent of Myanmar since 1985)
•    Time 2 U watch (Agent of Myanmar)
•    We has been succeeding 13 years in the mobile phone market
•    We starts distributing AGT/ E2 handset on 2014 and Home Appliances in 2015
•    Direct Dealer of MPT
•    Direct Dealer of Ooredoo